Basic Read to get a Jump Start in Data Science

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Available courses

This course demonstrates the key aspects to to data engineering using python core, python statistics and python for machine learning.

Tableau is a powerful self-service multi-dimensional data analysis and data visualization software. It helps in data drill-downs and data roll-ups. It also help in data mash-ups.

Tableau can be used to create enterprise wide dashboards, self-service or static reporting. Sensitivity analysis or What-if analysis can also be designed and developed with the help of powerful filter and dynamic parameter settings.

This course demonstrates technical and functional aspects to business reporting and analytics. We hope this 30 hour program bring in great interest in the participants and help persuade analytics to a higher level.

The course focus is on analytical methods and techniques applied on data to mine pattern, create clusters or predict using some historical data. It involves techniques to machine learning and predictive analytics.